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At the heart of SHFT lies a story not just of business, but of personal metamorphosis. Three years ago, the foundation of what SHFT would become was being laid, not in boardrooms or market analyses, but through a journey of self-discovery, challenge, and triumph. The inception of SHFT was born out of my own struggles with depression, health scares, and a realization that I was far from tapping into my full potential.

The transformation showcased in my journey—from a place of darkness to one of light, health, and self-acceptance—mirrors the transformation SHFT aims to inspire in every individual and business we touch. SHFT is not merely an agency providing exceptional insurance solutions; it’s a beacon for change, a call to action for anyone standing at the precipice of their own pivotal moment, contemplating the leap towards growth and self-improvement.

Our mission extends beyond the products we offer. SHFT is about embracing the difficult journey of transformation, recognizing the strength in vulnerability, and the power of a changed mindset. It’s for the business owner seeking not just to insure their livelihood, but to align their work with their values of discipline, consistency, and self-love. In every service we provide, in every story of transformation we share, SHFT embodies the belief that change is not just possible but essential. It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we dare to confront the man or women in the mirror, to dim our own doubts, and to step into the light of our greater potential.

SHFT is more than a company; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a symbol for all who have reached that defining moment when they realize it’s time to grow, time to embrace transformation, and time to shift their lives for the better. We are here to inspire, to guide, and to celebrate with you on your journey of transformation. Because at SHFT, we believe in the power of a changed mindset, the strength of discipline, and the beauty of self-love to reshape not just our lives, but the world.

Independent Agent Vs. The Rest

Here is a quick comparison of the differences between an independent agency like us, and the various other types of companies that are out there:

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